I am a nerd failure. HERE ARE TEN REASONS WHY!

OK, probably not ten. I only added that last bit to make my friend John twitch. In a good-natured way. I hope it works. (:

I fail as a nerd because:

* I like coffee. It doesn’t have to be espresso, it doesn’t have to be fancy. I like coffee from Pig N Pancake just as much as anyplace else. (That link is to a photo from Pig N Pancake, take a good look. That coffee tastes just like you think it does.) I have an Aeropress and I use it because it’s not much more cleanup than the K-Cup machine and I get MOAR COFFEE.

* I use a notebook AND OmniFocus. So I’m not a digital GTDer or an analog one either. Some things get written down, some get typed. It works for me, which is what I thought was important. I’m sure I’m wrong about it though.

* I have an iPhone 4S. It’s not a 5, or a 5S, and to add insult to injury I ONLY have the iPad 3. Nothing in my house takes a Lightning cable. My real failure here is that I don’t mind it since everything works. I only want a 5 for a better camera, honestly, which is what I wanted out of the 4S when I picked THAT up. From what I understand, not only am I supposed to HAVE two different Lightning cabled-devices, I’m supposed to be mad about the switch from 30-pin.

* I have one external monitor. Not two, just the one. And it’s not even an IPS monitor at that.

* My laptop isn’t Retina. I had the opportunity and didn’t take it. I couldn’t see a reason to spend an extra $500 (at the time) and I don’t regret it. I wonder sometimes if I shoulda got the 11″ Air, but since I didn’t have the aforementioned extra monitor at the time, I couldn’t bring myself to scale down that far.

* I have a day job. It’s a good one, and I work from home, but I don’t run this site (or any site) as a full time gig. I do something else and this is what I try to fit in the margins.

* I am not a developer. I want to be, and I’m working on it, but I can’t even really read CSS that well. I understand a lot of what goes into programming, but I don’t do it now.

So like I said, apparently I am a failure as a nerd. I apologize for the inconvenience. And for the spike in Floridian apoplexies.*

*Now I wait to see what shows up in the comments about people’s cover bands…

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