On Roger Ebert

So I saw this link from The Loop today, and I read it and it was really nice.

It made me think about Roger Ebert again, and I remembered something about him that was important to me. He LOVED movies. All of them. And he taught me the difference between “this is a movie that’s good” and “this is a movie I like”. There’s an important distinction there. I love some things that are really good, and I love some things that are really not so great (in talent or quality). I can see greatness in some things, and I like to think it’s because I learned I could appreciate greatness even if I didn’t like it (not one little bit).

So I think about this sometimes. And I like to think he was hard on the subpar films because he wanted them to be better. If I care enough to offer criticism it’s because I want it to be better, not because I think it sucks. If it were that bad I wouldn’t bother at all!*

So please take a moment and read that article. It’s worth your time because it’s good, not just because I like it. 🙂

* This is another way in which Kelly Is A Terrible Nerd.

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