This is exactly the kind of thing I love to share. A small thing someone figured out that has made a wide variety of workflows so much quicker.

My friend David Sparks posted a keyboard shortcut for Print to PDF. I linked to the original post because not everyone is running Mavericks, but if you are, there’s an updated link at the top.

I use this for all sorts of things, including “printing” email receipts for records. Anything super repetitive that can be a teeny bit faster is always helpful, so thanks David!

More fun with Hashtags

You may remember my previous adventures with hashtags. I found another one today, #fastfoodmusicians. So here goes:

* The Flying Green Burrito Brothers
* They Might Be Jamocha
* Miranda Sex Olive Garden
* Cheesecake Fear Factory
* Banana pancake-a-rama
* Taco Bell Biv DeVoe
* Bob’s Big Boy George
* Terence Trent D’Arby’s
* Red Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
* International House Of Pain
* Mazzy Starbucks
* Einsturzende Neubratwurst
* Milli Vanilla Frappuccino

I know they don’t all have drive thru windows but it amused me all the same.


Adulthood: Doing it right!

wilderness explorer sticker,375x360Just now at Gartner’s Meat Market (actual meat purchasing, not “meat market”):
Kid sees the Wilderness Explorer sticker on my wallet: Hey, you’re a Wilderness Explorer!
Me: The Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all.

I get home and tell the story to Mr K. His reply: You are SUCH a dork.
Me: Not for that. I’m a dork for wearing my Buzz Lightyear shirt on the airplane and saluting little kids who salute me.

What? I am what happens when you tell a kid “well when you’re an adult you can do (insert anything ever mentioned) however you want”. So I am. And now? Ice cream for dinner!


Below is a link to a new Matthew Good song, “Had It Coming”, it will be on the album Arrows Of Desire which isn’t out until September. SEPTEMBER. THAT IS SO FAR FROM NOW. If you want to hear two songs, you can go to his website and hear them both, it looks like we get a single sooner than later. So the other song is a B-side, or whatever the kids (or itunes) are calling it these days.

(For those playing along at home, my <3 for Matt Good predates even my love for WordPress. I know!) [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]