So. My house likes Halloween. Kind of a lot. There’s candy, and spooky stuff, and all sorts of dark and creepy that goes with it.

It’s also the official kickoff to The Holiday Season at Chez Guimont, since it goes:
Halloween > Kelly’s Birthday > Thanksgiving > Christmas > Mr K’s Birthday > New Year

So it’s a lot to take.

However, it also gives us an opportunity/reason to spiff up around the yard, prep for fall/winter so things look nice, and also get a good idea at the situation we are facing when it comes time to decorate for Christmas.

There’s a lot of reasons to like Halloween. And below I have some proof.

This is from 2016:

And here’s 2015 (shot in the rain):

I should note that while music has been added after the fact, what you hear is basically what is playing outside (we have a BOOtooth speaker for the front yard to play appropriate music/noises).

When I have some time I’ll get the Christmas page set up too. 🙂